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Pink Sea

embodied mindfulness guidance 

Mindfulness Guidance is an integrative contemplative approach to holistic and experiential practices, psycho-somatic and psycho-spiritual, and brain-body wellness. This is a practice of healing and moving towards wholeness in one's life! 

Hand Massage

integrative massage therapy

Integrative massage therapy is a therapeutic and intuitively crafted healing modality. I have been providing professional and integrative massage therapy since 2005, incorporating breathwork and soundscapes into sessions for deep rest and integration healing.

Buddha Statue

yoga, meditation & breathwork

Private and group instruction in Yoga, Meditation, Breath Work (Pranayama),  and Mindfulness Practices. Each session is unique and specific to your individual needs. I will come to your home within a reasonable distance. For other locations, please inquire.

Online Bookings are available for individual sessions.

For all discounted packages, please discuss further with Kristina upon the initial session.

Credit cards are required to hold your reservation.

Payments may be made through venmo, with cash, check and with a credit card.

(all credit cards have an additional service fee)

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