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Forest Path


Kristina shares group online and in real time gatherings and experiences. 

(via Zoom live and recorded)

Class is held Once a Month on the Full Moon
$15-20 sliding scale 

Upcoming Classes Spring 2021

Reset the nervous system tuning into the sacred connection, the natural and primal essence, of mind and body, spirit and breath to rejuvenate, restore and heal. Rest is a key ingredient in the mending of our bodies and minds. Rest is different than sleep. It is a spaciousness for allowing and returning to our centers; to ground and reconnect.


When we learn — and yes, we actually have to rewire our body and brain to learn — how to rest, we resist the story that our doing is a direct representation of our worth, we take back our birth right to be.

Together, in the comfort of your own space with all the goodies that bring you intentional coziness: blankets, pillows, pjs, eye pillows, etc, we will build a deeper capacity to hold space for ourselves. Rest Deeply invites you to amplify your quality of life and awaken your innate wisdom that you are enough, always.

As we gather  (via online anywhere in the world) we remember we are not alone and that together we can breathe and rest in community. 

All are welcome to attend, family and children who can be present too. No experience needed. 

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