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Comfort in Discomfort: Moving Beyond Dualities

21 June 2021

by Kristina Renée

Transitional and transpersonal therapies are a holding container for comfort in the places of dis-comfort. There is almost a sense of mastery, similar to the evolution that a flower offers. 

We are oscillating,
 learning and unlearning, 
contracting and expanding, 
opening and closing,
inhaling and exhaling, 
winding and unwinding.

To take the time to understand and to heal within the spaces between dualities takes a conscious action on each of our parts.

The over-culture has yet to embrace the slowness of healing. 

And so the message continues to our collective subconscious: 
that taking up space to feel, to heal, to understand, to access and to down regulate is "taking up space"; it is not productive, often thought of as weak, and indeed it cannot sustain our financial pockets, or the current paradigm's operative mode. And in truth, for most, the systems in place have limited and narrowed our opportunities to have access to the realms and necessary slowness of healing.

Working with this aspect, we must learn to open our lens of perspective in new ways to connect to our intelligence beyond the ordinary realms. 
The choices we make to widen the scope of our awareness in a society that profits on us limiting ourselves are imperative, potent and life changing. 

In the last two decades of studying, applying and moving professionally and personally through transpersonal, altered states of consciousness healing, Buddhism, Grief & Loss, Dreamwork, Depth and Holistic Integrated Energy Medicine, one thing always prevails —
that of presence for the inner Self, healing and peace. 

And yet, most of us have forgotten the connection on the how 
to do so in healthy, whole and comforting ways. Having been conditioned, we rush to the next phase forgetting to relish in all the cyclical evolutions of our own flower essence.

The year of the pandemic, and now its recovery, demonstrated the collective dis-ease to the Soul. For many, it was the great awakening towards deeper evaluation, self love, and self-forgiveness. It was a sacred pause to go inward for some. And for others, it was a pause that amplified the discord and disconnect within.

How do you create a safe space within your own physical and subtle body for healing?

How do you set clear and loving boundaries to the over-culture of pushing and welcome the inner peace that you have a birth right to know? 

Would you like to know yourself more;
would you like to deepen your understanding of comfort,
of inner peace?

Here is where my craft aligns.
To be a holder of space for others to know their own inner guides, to better answer these questions is my innate offering that I warmly embrace, and deeply honor as a Medial Womvn, a conduit between worlds for healing and for ones highest good and sole intent at the heart of the practices. 

My prayer is that all sentient beings may touch and know the inner power-filled peace of fierce compassion. 

and so may it be for me,
and so may it be for you,
and so may it be for all of us.


Kristina Renée,  Medial Womvn

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