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Inner Guidance Journey

a 4 week virtual gathering

Learn & Deepen A Self Journey Practice


The Inner Guidance Journey is a four week closed sangha (group) open to all genders, providing a supportive and insightful container for you to harness your inner healing, spiritual sovereignty, and to reclaim your personal power by learning, curating and deepening a self journey practice. Each gathering is in alignment to the wheel of life, welcoming the cycles of nature and the elemental aspects for inner knowing and transformation.  


You will be guided into a meditative altered (hypnotic) state to journey and connect to a compassionate part of yourself to help you explore different aspects, situations and experiences within your life to deepen self awareness, compassion and love. Inquiries will be offered to help widen your understanding and clarity around your patterns, aversions, attachments, misconceptions, and coping mechanisms using body communications, energy centers, breath and awareness practices.


No experience necessary to attend.

*Must attend first journey. 

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