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Venture and explore the vast and colorful canvas of your inner world to understand your relationship to yourself and with others in the

Spring Portal: Journey Within of the Inner Wisdom VESSEL


The four week container meets weekly live online.


Through the methodical process of meditation and journeying and the power of community, you will access parts of yourself, gain clarity on negative thoughts and patterns, nurture and shift self-limiting feelings of insufficiency, unravel holding patterns of the body, reclaim your sovereign wisdom of self compassion and loving kindness, and embody more confidence in your life and work.

The VESSEL is a seasonal offering aligned to the cycles of Earth, each providing new insight and perceptive for self growth and inner knowing. The VESSEL is a comprehensive sacred space of deepening the reservoir of compassion and loving kindness from within through weaving the practices of integrative energy medicine, Yogic and Buddhist philosophies, meditation, insight inquiry and shamanic earth based journeying. 


Each seasonal portal is unique, offering differing aspects of development and educational content

Spring Portal Dates 1.png

Each week builds upon one another. Attendance to all sessions is optimal. Recordings of live sessions will be available for up to two weeks after the final session of the VESSEL.

To claim your seat, complete the Spring Portal Application.

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