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The Inner Wisdom VESSEL

4 weeks in a closed group, meeting worldwide online 


The Inner Wisdom VESSEL is a closed sangha (group) open to all genders, providing a supportive and insightful container to harness inner healing and spiritual sovereignty. 

Learn, develop and deepen a practice in journeying, gaining understanding on how to craft questions for journeys and bring inner peace and understanding to life experiences. 

Join us for a four-week creative Autumnal portal with weekly gatherings, meditation, mind/body connection practices, breath integration, journeying, insight inquiry, and a 20 minute one-on-one discovery call with Kristina.

The Inner Wisdom VESSEL is open to all genders, ages 18 and up, and meets worldwide online. ​

Next Gathering

The Autumnal Inner Wisdom VESSEL


Mondays 4:30-5:45p PT

October 30th - November 20th


No experience necessary to attend. 

*** Participants must attend the first class ***


You will gain tools and resources upon your own innate abilities of self healing and self discovery, expanding and embodying a wider scope of practice in self love, self care and personal responsibility. 

Gather in a world wide community online meeting weekly with others along the self awakening path

Receive clarity, awareness and tools from your internal support system about your imbalances and balances, alignments and misalignments, and how to curate harmony and integration. 

The Inner Wisdom VESSEL Can Be Supportive For Those...


  • Curious about a journey practice and how to begin or deepen one? 

  • Wanting to get to know yourself better? 

  • Deepen your understanding of your patterns?

  • Foster greater self love and self care? 

  • Struggle with commitments to projects, goals, others, yourself? 

  • Noticing themes in your life that cause you suffering or distress? 

  • Have a judgmental and critical inner voice? 

  • Feel trapped or held back in life? 

  • Navigating anxiety, depression, addictions and/or recovery?

  • Have difficulty with regulating your emotions?

  • Feel a sense of constant overwhelm? Tired, worn out, and exhausted?

  • Unexplained rage, apathy, sadness, jealousy?

  • Working with loss and/or transitions? 

  • Navigating parenting, becoming a new parent, and/or postpartum, etc?

  • Wanting to be in community with others on the self awaking path? 

  • Ready to explore & integrate more deeply upon your own spiritual path?


Please know that the Inner Wisdom VESSEL is a group journey gathering, aimed to come together in community to nurture and deepen each individuals understanding of their own practice of self awareness and empowerment. If individuals need support upon a process of inquiry that arises in group, Kristina can work with you outside of the group in one-on-one sessions. 


About the Lineage of Practice 

The Inner Wisdom VESSEL is not affiliated with any one religious or spiritual teachings but rather a collection of ancient meditative philosophies of the awakened mind and heart for healing and expanding the reservoir of compassionate curiosity. The practice itself derives from Integrative Energy Medicine, Buddhist Philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology and Applied Shamanic earth based practices. One does not need to have any practice or belief in god or religion to participate. This practice is one of developing self awareness, mindfulness skills and the wisdom that already lives within each individual. 


Intention & Responsibility

My responsibility and intention to is to hold and maintain a cleared and compassionate container offering guidance in meditative states for your own self knowing and healing, and offering open ended insight inquiries to support you along your path. These practices are ones I apply and integrate into my own  self inquiry and expansion in my personal and professional evolution. As a Spiritual Counselor, Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Integrative Massage Therapist, and Applied Shamanic Counselor, the same ethical standards I uphold for one on one sessions are applied to all events and group circles.  

The Inner Wisdom VESSEL is a closed sangha (group) held in the utmost respect and with confidentially.



20% OFF up to one week before start date


The cost is $222 for the four week creative portal with weekly gatherings, recordings, meditation, mind/body connection practices, breath integration, journeying insight inquiry, a 20 min one-on-one discovery call with Kristina, a community to connect with upon the healing path, and an inner journey experience to bridge your journey and dreamworld and everyday life. All recordings are available throughout the Vessel and until two weeks after the last class. 

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