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Shame & Conscious Action: Explore The Inner Fire

Shame & Conscious Action: Explore The Inner Fire


A guided journey into breath and somatic exploration of the gateway or energy center, Manipurna, for conscious action and shame awareness.


Expore shame resilience and the practices of mindfulness to shift the focus towards the breath and your center. Through widening your scope of allowing your human process to be seen, you may understand your wounds with a greater sense of compassion.


Learn to integrate conscious action into your healing, and give yourselve more permission to be just as you are through your becoming.


Explore your inner fire through breath and visualization to embody these practices.


This is a great practice to partake in right now as we all learn to continue to navigate these times that have taken much of our "normal" fire away, and we are challenged to explore within ourselves what our "inner fire" really is. 

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