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Always Hold That Close

I've been practicing and teaching a lot lately to "who am I, today? In this breath, in this moment, in this pose, with this person?" As our country is being tested on so many levels with this new administrations actions, I find myself dissecting my own layers of existence, beliefs and social conditioning more intently. I am in the beautiful pursuit of unraveling my own millions of layers.


Because it is the layers of labels that have gotten in the way. We have forgotten the unity and oneness that we are. We are unique in our own Spirit, yes, but we all share the same air - the same energy.

Please remember that if you are enough, and YOU ARE, then all Beings are enough.

I promote love, compassion and unity and when I find myself in an upheaval, stomach in knots (literally healing a stomach bug since last Monday) and so saddened by our current affairs, I ask myself "how may I promote love? How may I speak that is kind? How may I think with discernment and compassion?"

"Always hold that close"

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