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Embracing "the Other"

"We are all children of the Great Spirit. We all belong to Mother Earth. Our planet is in great trouble, and if we keep carrying old grudges and do not work together, we will die"

~ Chief Seattle

This image of me staring back at myself is intentional specifically for this post. This image is to represent the true notion of "the other".

Judgement is easy.

Pushing someone away because you feel inferior or unworthy is easy.

Holding onto anger and pointing fingers at someone is easy.

These are first response.

These are the first steps to division...

the space of "you" and "other".

Oneness has no other. Oneness sees the other for what it really is: You. All of it is always you. You are everyone.

What takes courage is to be responsible for the other, for You. To pause in that moment of uncertainty and awkwardness, and to breathe into it. To see the anger arising or the unworthiness emerging or the fear setting in, and instead of blaming, fighting or running, to sit with yourself and listen, deeply. Oneness, acknowledges that anyone of us could be You (yes, this even includes Hitler).

In order to practice the embracing of "the other", we must listen to ourselves, know ourselves, hold space for ourselves and be empathetic to ourselves. As we do, the magic of listening to others arises. The enlightenment of being truthful and honest, setting Ego aside, emerges.

Nearly 100 years ago Chief Seattle shared this with us. He says if we don't learn this, we will die. He doesn't mean the physical, that will already happen. He means the spirit of oneness - the Great Spirit, of which we are all children of. Our freedom comes from reconnecting and remembering this vast oneness.

So, the next time you find yourself blaming or judging "the other", pause - pause and really ask yourself,

"what is this truly about?

What can I own that I am not?

How am I showing up to this process?

Who am I in this, now?"

I imagine you will understand the truest nature of why in a profound way. Then the second step, embrace. Embrace yourself for your courageous ability to acknowledge and embrace "the other" as You. Step into vulnerability and be honest.

This is how we create a world that lives in the greatness of Spirit! This is how we forgive, heal and mindfully evolve.

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