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Embrace the Warrior Goddess

A rose for you upon your travels to self-discovery, my love.

No need to judge.

No need to seek.

Simply step into the unknown of your destiny and embrace the warrior goddess that lives within. Let her show you the way to your courageous heart.

Listen, as she awakens your bravery to BE who you are meant to be - without limitations, reservations or fear.

Listen, as she fills your heart with songs of prosperity, vitality and strength.

Wake up to the Divine within. Connect to the Spirit community of Oneness. You are lovely in all your forms and this world needs your Durga - Shakti - Devi - Warrior Goddess! Make intentions this New Moon in Aries to be brave with your ambitions and deepest desires.

Write them down. Say them out loud.

Yell it from the mountain peak and into the vastness of the great blue.

Then go deeper.

Write the steps to make them happen, maybe just start with one and really de-mystify the path to its reality! This new moon is all about YOU being honest and brave enough to see how you've been holding yourself back and the ACTIONS you need to take to courageously break out of your way.

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