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embrace in the lost

"You are beautiful because you let yourself feel, and that is a brave thing, indeed" - Shinjit Moon

This is a photo of the Winter Solstice Celebration Ceremony I was honored to lead in Dec 21st. It was the last class I have taught were I was fully 100% passionately involved in the teaching and practice.

The next day I began to lose my second Spirit Child. Since then, my interests and desires for teaching and practicing on the mat, inside, wrapped up in walls is a small pulse. I find I have very little to give and the things that once intrigued my Spirit no longer resonate as much.

But the essence of cold winter winds and magical sparkly ❄️ snow flakes on my face in a meditative snow shoe or hike fill me up ten fold. Playing in deep powder on my snowboard, creating snow angels and watching my joyful Remi pounce in the snow as we play fill my heart.

I don't know if this is temporary or just a new phase of my own #mindfulevolution. I have decided to take some steps back and spend more time in nature and with myself and with my connection to the Divine.

Many new travels around the state await and I sense this is precisely were I need to be. At moments, I feel full of rage and anger and the next, tears streaming down my face. If not for my devoted partner and his mad listening skills and the presence of my innocent fur babes, some days I think "this moment of lost" would be even more confusing and challenging.

So here's to the bravery of feeling it all and the reality that floundering can be beautiful.

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