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The (r)Evolution is You!

Climate Change, Poverty + Activism

"You are a child of the sun, you come from the sun, and that is something true with the Earth also...your relationship with the Earth is so deep, and the Earth is in you and this is something not very difficult, much less difficult then philosophy" ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

We are in a very delicate and ever so detrimental situation as our beloved Earth becomes increasingly damaged by our use of fossil fuels. Yes, I write to you today from a passionate voice to become a part of this REVOLUTION. I will admit, it is easy to turn a blind eye in our cushy American lifestyle, because let's face it, we have a very easy life compared to many other countries who are engaged in Water Wars due to its shortage and country's like India, using cow manure as a means to provide heat for lack of electricity. In the season of Giving - this holiday season - I share with you education to provide facts, not to discourage. I share with you knowledge on climate change and severity to the extinction of all animals and humans on Earth. I share this with you not to be morbid, my brothers and sisters, but to be hopeful, that by using my voice to speak out for those who cannot - the flying inspirations, the four-legged, the water creatures, the trees and more - that I encourage you to open your heart and mind to this serious situation of our time period. I often end my yoga classes with this saying: honoring all of those who have come before us, all of those who are here now and all of those who are yet to be, My hope is that we unite our voices and our daily actions to create a world on Earth where we ARE able to honor all of those yet to be; where we are the movement to heal the Earth, shifting away from our consumption of fossil fuels through an Awakened Act and have a future to look forward to! This has been an interconnected passion of mine for years, with the relationship to our food. As many of you know, I am a passionate advocate against GMO's, non-organic and processed foods. I use my voice to not only speak up about this issue, but to also teach 12 Day Cleanse + Restore Programs - essentially they are clean eating lifestyle programs to educate and promote self health as well as Earth health. I recently watched the documentary on climate change, Before the Flood, and I was called to share it with you. Please take some time to watch this film, to do some research and start this dialogue if you have not already. There are so many ways we can in our daily life assist in tending to our Great Mother Earth.

"Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth... these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and women's empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all"

~ Ban Ki-moon


Consume Differently What you buy What you eat How you get your power Vote for leaders who will fight climate change by, Ending Fossil Fuel Subsides Investing in Renewables Leaving Fossil Fuels in the Ground Supporting a Price on Carbon

We here on our own soil have a Revolution of people joining the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and speaking out against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DALP). You may or may not be following this? Not only is the land sacred and with an American treaty to be protected, in which it is not, I sense this is a larger movement of people coming together to say no to this type of abuse to our Earth. But instead, saying yes to Solar Power, Wind Power, and many other alternative means to promote a healthy eco-system for the Earth and all humans and animals to exists.

I write to you today not to be a loss cause or to complain. I write to you in the hopes to create an awareness and to plant a seed on how WE ALL are responsible for this issue. Let us unite our voices to our leaders and demand a change. Let us re-think how we buy, where we buy, whom we buy from and how we eat, and how we not only use power but how we get it. My partner, James and I, bought Tomichi Lodge with the vision of creating a sustainable eco-property for education, adventure and change, with the ambition to inspire others to live a more sustainable and simple life. We are also working towards creating that same lifestyle with our "in town" living. If we as a collective do not make changes, our Earth will never be the same; our human existence may cease to exist. We can all start somewhere. Reach out to me if you seek resources on how to do so. We can all keep learning from one another on how to do better!

With Love, Hope, Passion + Action,

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