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I have had Depth Hypnosis as well as Applied Shamanic sessions with Kristina and they have been by far the most transformative forms of healing I have done thus far.  I felt disconnected from myself for 23 years, knowing very well how I felt when in complete alignment with myself and uncertain of how to "get these aspects of myself back".  I tried many different healing modalities, therapists, classes etc and nothing worked until my sessions with Kristina.  They have completely transformed me at the core level and I feel the best I've felt since I was 11 years old.  I am forever grateful for her, how safe I feel with her as my practitioner and the deep level of trust I have, allows me to go even further with the work.  I highly recommend working with her in any capacity with any of her offerings.  It will truly transform you.

Haylee L.  

Medical Intuitive

Working with Kristina has changed and shifted my life in incredible ways. She has helped me to see, feel, and heal my old patterns, past trauma, and grief in ways 15-years of traditional counseling was never able to. She holds space for me to see my pain and to move through it — and I am finding peace and lightness on the other side. Kristina has taught me new tools to empower me to continue my healing journey outside of our sessions. She helps me heal my relationship with myself which in turn is healing my relationships with my loved ones. My marriage is stronger and more loving, my relationships with my family members and friends are healing — all because I have strengthened my relationship to myself and my wounds. She is a powerful teacher and an incredibly gifted space holder for those who are looking to know themselves deeper and heal their wounds.

Leah F.  

Occupational Therapist 

I found Kristina during a very tough time in my life. I had been through a diagnosis and treatment for cancer. Kristina was part of the Integrative Medicine I choose to incorporate as an important part of my care. I am now year 4, cancer free. I feel the work I did with Kristina had a HUGE impact on me physically, mentally, emotionally. I intend to continue working with Kristina through my survivorship. I encourage others through my volunteer work in Local and National Cancer Organizations to seek the same. I refer friends and family too! Kristina is caring, knowledge, and a gentle soul! She is intuitive and shines healing light when I need it the most!

-Katharine H.  

Nurse Practitioner, Ph.D

Kristina has helped me transform my life. She creates a safe space for me to journey into the depths of myself/my shadow and to heal on multiple levels. I have been able to unmask parts of myself that no longer serve me, and release old pains and patterns of reacting. Kristina is a gentle soul who is wise and very knowledgable. As we go into our session, it is always specific to that moment (I don't talk forever about my issue, we go right into it). Her intuition guides us where to go, and every session I am astonished at the clarity and specificity of receiving exactly what I needed. One thing that I feel is truly important, is that she gives me tools and practical suggestions that I continue to practice after our sessions. I have been able to integrate these mindfulness tools into my everyday life and I am a different person because of them. Kristina has guided me along my journey and is helping me remember and connect to my higher purpose.  She helps me clear the muck and mud, to see my true self clearly. I am super grateful to have Kristina in my life. She is authentic and genuine and I recommend all my friends and family to see her.

Haley K.

 Intuitive Embodiment Coach

Working with Kristina has left such a life changing impression on me and my spiritual journey. A few years ago, I met and saw Kristina in Salida, CO right after I had left a very long, physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Working with Kristina brought me so much comfort, compassion, and healing that I needed desperately, and to this day, I still hold the sessions I had with her close to my heart. She reminded me of my worthiness, self-love, and how capable of a woman I was. She helped move a lot of dark energy in our somatic healing session, and she brought relief through her massage work to many parts of my body that were left to ruin from years of abuse. Her kindness, attention to detail, and energy was beautiful and intentional. I would highly recommend any of her services. The energy and light Kristina carries has truly impacted my life in the most healing way, and it is my hope that everyone can experience even a fraction of her kindness in this lifetime. Thank you again, Kristina, for holding space for me and so many others. You truly have an amazing energetic impact to the people and creatures around you.

 Katie M.  

Business Owner

I initially met Kristina at a workshop she held, and I knew after spending an hour in that class I needed to book a private session with this beautiful woman. When I walked into her space for my first session, I was in a dark, lost, sad, empty place in my life. After that one session with her I was amazed at how safe she made me feel. She truly is the most inspiring teacher, guide and space holder a woman could ever ask for. She held space for me to be my most vulnerable raw self. I will forever be grateful her for helping me to see I deserved my own healing and to honor it. She helped guide me into a deeper connection to myself through mindfulness and meditation with love and light in the most tender way. She guided me on a journey of learning how to meet myself where I am with love and acceptance...I will continue to chose it [healing] over and over again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support in gently guiding me back home to my authentic self.

Krystle S.


Kristina is a magical healer- there are those that do this type of work for money or think they can help others, and there are those that do it because they love helping others heal and are truly gifted at it... Kristina falls into the latter. Her knowledge in the fields and ability to hold a safe space are unparalleled.

Eric N.


My work with Kristina was transformative. Her compassion and kindness, coupled with professionalism and expertise, helped me to understand myself and an inner journey I was called to explore. I learned a lot about myself through our work, and “met” parts of me that I needed to help me move forward. 

Maria S. 

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