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"Shadow work is the path of the heart warrior" - Carl Jung

Transpersonal & Spiritual Counseling


Transpersonal & Spiritual Counseling is an integrative contemplative approach to the holistic and experiential practices of psycho-spiritual and brain-body wellness, using altered states of consciousness practices of Mindfulness & Transpersonal Psychology, Buddhist Philosophy, Dream Work, and Integrated Energy Medicine. Kristina views symptoms as teachers, which can assist a client in navigating their own way back to balance.

Kristina's offerings may serve those who...

- desire to manage stress, depression, anxiety, phobias and/or trauma

- are struggling with chronic illness and chronic pain 

- wish to create a safe container to explore grief and loss

- feel overwhelmed, drained, foggy and have difficultly making decisions 

- have a desire to shift out of habitual patterns or recurring themes

- have reached a plateau in aspects of life or life in general

- would like to explore an alternative to traditional therapy

- are seeking to expand/deepen a spiritual practice in a therapeutic setting


In sessions, client's may...

- learn compassion to and for the shadow aspects of Self

- welcome parts of yourself that you have disconnected from or lost

- gain transparency and love between your inner world and outer world

- expand your reservoir for inner peace and forgiveness 

- understand subtle energetic and somatic shifts

Each session is intuitively held with the weavings of guided and non-guided journey's, visualization, integrative energy medicine, meditations, buddhist philosophy, spiritual counseling, and transpersonal therapies. 

This process, like you, is complex, multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. It is encouraged to book four one hour sessions, meeting weekly to begin. Discounted packages are available. It is highly encouraged to dedicate 12 weeks, meeting weekly the first month and either weekly or biweekly there after.
For further information please contact Kristina to discuss.
One session is also available. 
Kristina works with clients online via Zoom, FaceTime or Audio Phone Call
For more information, please contact her directly. Thank you.

Therapist Role

Kristina is a board certified massage therapist in California, certified yoga and meditation teacher, transpersonal and spiritual counselor and guide. It is not in her scope of practice to treat or diagnose. She provides professional healing massage therapy modalities and maintenance suggestions for one's overall well being and health under the umbrella of massage therapy.

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