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Kristina specializes in methods of ancient wisdom blended with modern intelligence and focuses on the integration of healing. She works with a wide range of issues clients present, and curates a compassionate curiosity and collaborative space for her clients, supporting them onto a rich relationship with their own inner wisdom and innate abilities of healing.

Trauma : Incomplete Cycles 

With an education and skillset of mapping patterns and the effects of trauma on the nervous system, Kristina weaves her experience with the methodology of Depth Hypnosis and Parts Work to support the process of unravelling and rewiring incomplete energetic cycles. Incomplete energetic cycles can also be known as trauma or what is called "soul loss" in Shamanism. Tapping into the subconscious through a hypnotic meditative journey state creates a safe container for one to connect within to their inner wisdom. From this grounded and nourished place of connection, Kristina works together with you and your inner guidance to locate the emotionality in the body for understanding of your own innate healing power. This process resources and power-fills the individual, and offers medicine or tools to complete and reconfigure the cycle of trauma on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Seekers of Self-Discovery & Truth

No matter your philosophical, religious background and/or belief system, the path of healing is one of connection to your Highest Self, your innate goodness of self compassion and self love. It is common that healing ignites a deeper seeking of self discovery and inner truth.


With Depth Hypnosis, which bridges the ancient and spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Shamanism, Kristina will work with you to explore and empower your own clarity to healing and the creative forces innate in your body’s wisdom. 


Buddhism informs us that suffering is rooted in attachments, aversions, and misconceptions. From this lens, Kristina will assist you in examining what you cling to, what you long for when lost, what you avoid out of pain, and what you believe in misunderstanding.


Shamanism provides us with tools to understand where our power has been compromised and how to restore that power. Power loss and soul loss result from trauma, and interference or entities happens when energy that is not ours takes root in our own energy field.


Kristina holds these powerful systems in the field as a foundational ground when working with you and your presenting issue. 


Fierce Compassion Parenting

Kristina is the pioneer of Fierce Compassion Parenting (FCP), which birthed from her own initiation into motherhood. FCP is an applied philosophy and practice of courageous parenting, unraveling generational trauma, steeped in Buddhist education, Transpersonal psychology and Depth Hypnosis. 


FCP asks parents, caregivers and guardians to unlearn, deprogram and reparent through the deep self healing and self compassion work of unwinding trauma, negative wounding patterns and habits to bring awareness and transformation to the unseen parts, the shadow. 


Due to the nature of this applied healing practice within and for ourselves, we bring it into our everyday life and all our relationships. We practice guiding our children with loving curiosity, a willingness to allow ample space for them to express themselves as they are (not as we want them to be) and to meet them with Fierce Compassion.

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