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"Trauma compromises our ability to engage with others by replacing patterns of connection with patterns of 'protection'". 

Stephen Porges

Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a unique and comprehensive approach to counseling and therapy. Created by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., Depth Hypnosis, combines modern hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology with the ancient healing and spiritual traditions of Integrative Energy Medicine, Buddhism and Shamanism. This process understands that symptoms are teachers and addresses issues on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, transforming limiting beliefs and counterproductive behaviors in the subconscious.

Through Depth Hypnosis, it is possible to access the hidden and unseen roots of blocks and difficulties, and to connect to the deep wisdom within each of us.


Depth Hypnosis is effective for...

​Healing and Unpacking Trauma

Depression & Anxiety

Addiction & Recovery

Chronic Pain & Dis-ease

Negative Self Talk (Inner Critic)

Limiting Beliefs

Reoccurring & Harmful Patterns

Codependency & Boundaries

Relationship Dynamics

Grief &  Loss

Death & Dying

Anger & Rage

Plant Medicine Integration

Creative Blocks

Life Transitions & Initiations 

Birth & Postpartum

Spiritual Emergencies/Awakenings

Interpreting & Integrating Dreams


Depth Hypnosis weaves the ancient and spiritual traditions of Integrative Energy Medicine, Buddhism and Shamanism with the modern healing systems of Transpersonal Psychology and Hypnotherapy. Kristina integrates her lived and educational experience with the nervous system and the body's innate intelligence into Depth Hypnosis, holding a safe and sacred container for you to explore and empower your own clarity to healing and the creative forces innate in your body’s wisdom.

Metallic Flower


Hypnotherapy is a meditative state in an altered consciousness, allowing the thinking mind to take a well deserved rest so that your body and inner guidance can share insights to your own innate medicine within for healing and transformation. Using her voice and sometimes sounds of the drum, rattle or crystal and Tibetan bowls, Kristina will guide you into a meditative state (hypnotherapy) to deepen your own connection to your inner wisdom. 

Forest Trees

Guided Journey

Bridging the ancient practices of the Shamanic journey, in a meditative state, Kristina will guide you to connect to a part of yourself that is compassionate, a healing presence or higher Self. In Shamanism, this is called a "guide."The meditative journey creates a supportive, safe pathway for a wider scope of understanding as you work with your guide, your own inner wisdom, to rekindle and rewire your relationship with the presenting issue. 

Water Ripple

Somatic Experience

Understanding that the body holds the physical manifestation of our experiences, Kristina works with you to enhance your relationship with your body and breath to support you into a deeper knowing of your own inner Self.

Using the hypnotic state through the meditative journey, she will guide you to connect to where you feel the presenting issue in your body in a safe container with the presence of your inner support system, your "guide."

The first three sessions are a foundational pathway to the method of Depth Hypnosis. The foundational sessions comprise of a conversation on your presenting issue, insight inquiry and the emotional biography, as well as the first guided meditative journey. The third session (sometimes the fourth) and onward explore the presenting issues origins for insights and resolution. Please note some sessions may include methods of meditation for integration, mapping, traditional breathwork, and/or shamanic and integrative energy medicine.

Purple Flower
Purple Flower

Initial Container

As a new client to begin your journey with Kristina, please enjoy $55 OFF with the Initial Container of the foundational three sessions.

What People Say

"Working with Kristina has changed and shifted my life in incredible ways. She has helped me to see, feel, and heal old patterns, past trauma, and grief in ways 15-years of traditional counseling was never able to. She holds space for me to see my pain and to move through it and I am finding peace and lightness on the other side. My marriage is stronger and more loving, my relationships with my family members and friends are healing - all because I have strengthened my relationship to myself and my wounds. She is a powerful teacher and an incredibly gifted space holder for those who are looking to know themselves deeper and heal their wounds."

Leah Foreman

Occupational Therapist

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