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Spiritual Counseling &  Alternative Therapy

contemplative | integrative | trauma-informed

transpersonal | spiritual | depth hypnosis

nature reverence | earth and social justice

somatic | visceral | neural

Honoring the sacred transitions of the human experiences, Kristina Renée is a Médial conduit, assisting others by helping them find meaning in their life experiences, especially the difficult ones. She is a spiritual counselor and compassionate space holder, a Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, Coming to Peace Facilitator, Applied Shamanic Counselor, Integrative Energy Medicine & Massage Therapist, Yoga and Meditation Guide, and a Mother.


Kristina works with a wide range of issues clients present, and curates a compassionate curiosity and collaborative space for her clients. She helps people connect, discover and reclaim their own personal power, understand and unravel harmful patterns, and access their own innate abilities of healing to live more freely in the world and in their relationships. 


She carries a deep wisdom that as we each tend to the body, mind, and spirit with compassion we also expand this awareness to one another and to our earth Mother. As we each embrace how to be in the inner wisdom and compassionate guidance of our human experiences, we become accountable for our thread in the fabric of humanity, weaving our own healing and that of our sisters and brothers for justice, equality and transformation.


"...remember why you came here. this life is sacred..." 

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