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Each of us has a unique rhythm and magic that is innate within our heart. The blessing of returning to your heart's song is as much individual care as it is community care. 


Sacred Journey is a vessel transporting you into a respite from the chaos of the world, to turn inwards and receive the ancient medicine of your heart's song with reverence and compassion, to harvest a deeper connection to your own sovereign relationship with presence, healing, spirit, and your wise internal support system.

Sacred Journey weaves the practices of integrative energy medicine, Yogic and Buddhist philosophies, meditation, hypnotherapy insight inquiry and the shamanic journey. Each seasonal portal is unique, offering differing aspects of development and educational content.

Through the methodical process of meditation and journeying and the power of community...

Gain clarity on negative thoughts and patterns.
Nurture and shift self-limiting feelings of insufficiency.
Unravel holding patterns of the body.

Each gathering builds upon one another.

Attendance to all sessions is optimal.

Replays of live sessions will be available.

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