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Mental Health is Soul Health

2 June 2021

by Kristina Renée



Please find an inhale.
Now exhale slowly.

Inhale again,
this time focusing on the muscles in your face and jaw.
Exhale evenly,
inviting the brow, eyes, cheeks and jaw to fully relax. 
Gently inhale into your chest, heart and lungs.
And even slower, 
allow the exhale to move your awareness down into your belly, pelvis, legs and feet. 

Pause & Breathe

I hope you know that you are so much more than any mental health diagnosis, issue and/or challenge that you may have faced, are facing or will embark upon. Please know that when you consciously, with your highest good, with your heart amplified to be curious and open, feeling, that you are tending to the parts of your Soul.  


In our current paradigm we’ve been over-cultured, 
basing our "knowing" off of a limiting capacity, such as:


we must see to believe, 

we must know data to convey, 

we must push to get ahead, 

we must dehumanize to power, 

we must genocide to receive, 

we must hate to love, 

we must destroy to profit. 


This is a false illusion of safety and belonging.

The capacity to return to the simple, primal and native rhythm of existing always prevails, and it always will. The indigenous cultures have never lost sight of this inherent truth, and still with allies they fight for this truth to be heard; 
for the waters, the earth, for the ancestors, for the future.


We can learn to welcome this wisdom through the unconscious, the visceral, the felt sense of knowing; within the inner dwelling place of our loins, wombs and hearts. 

While Trauma and Mental Health have become, and for some are becoming, a more natural fabric to life’s conversation, another aspect to witness is that within each “repair” or “breakthrough” or “return” we are mending Soul. 


Soul is evolutionary.
Soul is infinite.


Human coping, human defense, and human triggers all harness a survival in a world of disconnect. May we remember that the tending to our inner peace, our trauma, our wounds, our inner child, our pain is all a great tending to the Soul.  The practices to uncover what we may have “lost” or perhaps another way to see it is in the spaces we have become disconnected from are not linear.

As we delve further into the realms of healing from an altered state of consciousness, we connect to deeper trusting;
that of our intuition, our dreams, our sixth sense, and our unexplainable can’t be quantified alignment to the greater truth of the heart and the Soul as messengers. 

When we return to this knowledge, we often begin to view the present culture in different ways. By widening the scope, we can begin to create a new order, a new world, a new (and yet it is actually so quite ancient) vibration within our physical bodies. We begin to retrieve aspects of our individual and collective parts that we have become disconnected from, and embrace an inner and outer calm that ripples beyond our skin. 


May you know you are whole. 

You are enough. 

You are more than your “diagnosis”, title, and role; 
more than a thought, or all of them; 
more than your story though it was and is a part of you; 
more than this ordinary world; 
more than what you see. 

and so may it be for me,
and so may it be for you,
and so may it be for all of us.


Kristina Renée,  Medial Womvn


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